My growing collection of Haiku will appear here:

Patterns on the pane

Patterns on the pane,
Winter sparkle of the frost
Melting with my breath.

Misty morning wakes,
Breath of winter in the air
Muffles the dark shapes.

Problems with distance,
Shapes no longer in focus,
Definition lost.

Will we wait all day,
Lost in a foreign country
Until the fog clears.

Value difference,
Clear our fears and prejudice,
Embrace the patterns.

A Great Day

What a great day when,
Visiting a church you find,
The door is unlocked.

How trusting and kind
That Christians here keep open
This sanctuary.

A holy retreat
Treasure found and recorded
Refresh the spirit.

Peace found in this space
Stories on walls and windows
Strengthen our belief.

The evidence of
Faithful worship down the years
Light up the journey.

On a Frosty Night

I hear the owl call
From the shadow of the wood –
Tense around midnight.

Across the dark field
A fox pads with certainty –
Nature holds its breath.

A nervous pheasant
Flies up, startled and shouting –
Desperate with fear.

The pale flying moon
Breaks loose from the wanton clouds –
There is no hiding.

On a frosty night
The scene is set for drama –
Rules of engagement?

The Journey You are On

Can you remember
Which path you chose in the wood –
The flowers you picked.

When writing Haiku,

When writing Haiku
Long words like – Humility
Needs a lot of space

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  1. Loved the last one, especially 🙂 I wonder if you’d mind checking out my blog, too?

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