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Moon haiku

Last night, I saw the moon blush, Shocked and embarrassed By her parent’s foolishness. _______________________________ The moon blushed last night, Embarrassed by the antics Of her brash neighbour

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The Tread of Time

The steady tread of time The weary tick of clock, The beat of passing seconds. No keeping off the grass, No waiting to be called. Remorseless, relentless Steady and unstoppable Ploughing on Wasted but unending Lost but always present Celebrating … Continue reading

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The Clergy and the Laity

How very proper church could be Without the drag of laity. No pews with people garlicky Or PCCs too finicky, No children causing anarchy Or moaning matrons gossipy. No one to interrupt my chant Or say the prayers they really … Continue reading

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Poem from ‘Fragments of Memory – Collected Poems’ by David Potter

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The geography of love

Landing on the far side. Seeing the furthest extremity of the system.

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Even Here

In the cafe, at each table Heads bowed to their phones As if in prayer.  In the shops, along each aisle  Arms raised to the shelves As if in praise Amongst the crowds, and on each face,  Emotions unburdened As … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Less chaos and discord; more consensus and cooperation Less bigotry; more understanding Less argument; more harmony Less peacocks; more humility Less division; more unity #harmony

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