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Christ Ascending – Ashwell Church

The great rood has been replaced by a cross with a figure of The Risen Christ. This was specially created for St Mary’s Church, Ashwell by John Mills, President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

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More Medieval Graffiti in Ashwell Church

Drawing of Old St Paul’s Cathedral on the wall of the tower at St Mary’s Church, dated from between 1360 (when St Mary’s tower was built) and 1561 (when the spire of Old St Paul’s fell down).

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Medieval Graffiti at Ashwell

Medieval graffiti inside the tower at St Mary’s Church, Ashwell – recording the Great Plague of 1348 and the Great Wind of 1361.

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Ashwell Church

Beautiful medieval carvings in St Mary’s Church, Ashwell.

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The Hand of God

Medieval depiction of the hand of God sending the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove of peace. One of the many religious and mysterious carvings on the wall of Royston Cave.

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