A Psalm a Day

Psalm 91: Keep from stumbling

We are sheltered by the love of God

You can trust in the safety of his care.

He will protect you from pestilence

And rescue you from every dark danger.

His faithful promises will be your armour,

For He will shield you from any disasters,

You will be safe in His care, both day and night.

Even in the midst of evil, you will remain untainted,

You will see how the wicked are punished

But you will stay free from sentence,

Because God is your refuge from sin.

God will command his angels to protect you,

They will bear you up to keep from stumbling,

So you do not dash your foot against a stone.

You will be safe even amongst lions and adders.

God has promised to save those who love him,

They can trust in His name and call on the Lord.

He will bring them long life and salvation.

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