A Psalm a day

Psalm 90: Trust in God

Lord, throughout all generations we have put our trust in you.

Trusting in a God that has existed for all eternity

From the beginning of creation to the end of time.

At your command, we are turned from dust to dust,

For you, a thousand years are like a passing day.

You brush these hours aside like the cobwebs of a dream,

Like the mown blades of grass that have withered before evening.

We are overwhelmed by your anger, cut down by your wrath,

Spread out before you are all our transgressions, every one of our sins you see,

Our years are long and weary beneath your steely glare,

And all our days are filled with wailing and sighing.

The life you have given us is seventy years, or eighty years if we are strong,

But this span is full of emptiness and trouble and soon it is gone!

Who understands the power of your anger, who pays you proper respect?

Teach us, Lord, to value our days and make the most of what you have given us.

How long will you withhold your blessings on us, O Lord?

Turn away your anger from us; show us again your steadfast love,

May we rejoice and be glad every day, from our youth until the end of our lives.

Match our days of joy and relief to those dark times of misery and affliction,

Work through your servants, Lord, and let us see your miracles again,

Let our children see glorious things and let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us.

From ‘Resounding the Psalms’ by David Potter

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