A new Psalm each day

Psalm 88: Lament

O Lord God of my salvation,

Night and day I have wept before you.

Hear and listen to my prayers, in these last days of my life,

My days are full of troubles and death draws near.

I feel as if abandoned on the battlefield, where no mercy is shown,

Abandoned amongst the slain, a hopeless case.

You have put me in the darkest depths,

Your unrelenting anger presses down on me.

My friends shun me, my situation disgusts them.

I am all alone and my eyes are sore with weeping,

Every day I plead for your help, Lord

I raise up my hands to heaven.

Do not delay, Lord.

How can you help me when I am gone!

Do the dead sing your praises, can they proclaim your faithfulness?

Are you known in the deep darkness of the land of forgetfulness?

O Lord, hear me and spare me, this is my constant plea.

It’s as if you are happy to throw my life away,

You pay no regard to my plight, you do not watch over me,

I have been close to death ever since my youth

Your wrath has made me desperate and terrified,

It overwhelms me like a flood and I am marooned from your love.

All my friends have gone and I am left in darkness.

From ‘Resounding the Psalms’ by David Potter

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