Psalm 79: Help us

Psalm 79: Help us

O God, your country has been invaded by the ungodly,

They have defiled your holy places, ravaged your sanctuary.

Your followers have been cut down, their bones pecked clean by birds of the air

The flesh of your faithful servants taken by wild beasts.

Innocent blood has been spilt and runs like water in the streets

There is now no one left to even bury their bodies.

We are mocked by our neighbours at our weakness.

O God, will your anger with us last forever?

Could you not turn your wrath upon the godless nations rather than us?

On those that do not call upon your name, those that refuse to pray?

They are the destroyers of your people.

Do not hold us to account for the transgressions of our ancestors,

Show your compassion to us, show mercy in our time of extreme need.

Help us, O God of our salvation, remember your promises and save us.

The heathens dare to boast that we have no God to protect us,

Put right this slander and avenge the deaths of your faithful servants.

Hear the groans of your suffering people and strike vengeance on your enemies,

Then shall your people, the flock of your pasture, give thanks forever and ever

Your praises will be sung from generation to generation.

From ‘Resounding the Psalms’ by David Potter

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